LUBBOCK, Texas (Dec. 2, 2015) ­- As organizations develop and change food safety and sanitation regulations, individuals with deep knowledge and understanding of food safety are needed to implement these new standards and processes. To maintain a high set of safety standards and meet the rising demand for professionals with food safety training, CEV Multimedia will host the American Meat Science Association (AMSA) Food Safety & Science Certification on the iCEV testing platform. 

The Food Safety & Science Certification verifies individuals have an in-depth knowledge of food industry standards and procedures to ensure food safety for consumers. To earn the certification, individuals must prove mastery of major concepts such as the principles of HACCP, food sanitation procedures, food handling and storage guidelines and basic food microbiology. 

"Our partnership with CEV Multimedia is a strategic part of the American Meat Science Association’s efforts to recruit and equip the next-generation of meat scientists," said Thomas Powell, Ph.D., CAE, Executive Director of AMSA. "Our member scientists have worked closely with CEV Multimedia to ensure high quality, accurate, science-based training materials for the food safety certification."

Career and Technical Education (CTE) instructors and students can access valuable information and certifications through iCEV, an online platform offering practical interactive learning with professional demonstrations to prepare students for postsecondary education in high-demand and highly skilled careers. Educators can quickly monitor, track and engage students directly through the platforms many interactive lessons.

"Whether it be preparing a meal for your family or handling food on a production line, food safety and science expertise is in-demand as the industry and its standards continue to grow and change," said Dusty Moore, iCEV president. "This certification is invaluable  for those pursuing a program of study or career interest in the food industry."

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