LUBBOCK, Texas (October 2, 2017) - In 2015, the South Coast Region Agricultural Education Consortium received $5.7 million in grant funding from the California Careers Pathways Trust Program to strengthen Career and Technical Education (CTE) instruction in their classrooms. By implementing iCEV, a CTE online learning platform from CEV Multimedia, students from the South Coast Region School District have earned over 1,400 industry certifications in the last two years.

Students from 10 schools have earned 11 different industry certifications. The most popular certifications among the students are Principles of Floral DesignProfessional CommunicationsFundamentals of Animal ScienceVeterinary Medical Applications and Plant Science. The industry certifications hosted on the iCEV testing platform were created by companies and organizations such as Southwest Airlines, Elanco, the American Meat Science Association and others.

“Over the past two years, we’ve grown our program to work with over 6,000 students to teach 21st-century skills and earn industry certifications to help them successfully enter the workforce,” said Erin Gorter, program director of South Coast Region Agricultural Education Consortium. “The industry certifications have helped our students explore potential career paths and develop critical skills employers look for.”

“The success that the South Coast Region has seen is a testament to the educators and the grant program for investing in the students’ futures,” said Dusty Moore, president of iCEV. “The impact of earning over 1,400 industry certifications can’t be understated and further signifies the important role CTE programs play in preparing students for a variety of careers.”

The consortium has also used grant funds for classroom equipment to supplement the CTE curriculum, student organizations, professional development opportunities and subject-area recruitment efforts for educators.

“The funding has allowed us to increase the amount of technology we have in classrooms to allow students to earn industry certifications,” said Lauren Peterson, agriculture teacher at King City High School. “The students were excited when they heard about the certifications and we have seen an increase in their involvement as a result.”

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